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The JavaScript Trivia API is a RESTful API that you can use to get single JavaScript trivia questions objects in a variety of (human-readable) languages.

The API endpoint is:

As of now, the API is completely public. It is primarly recommended for use in small personal projects and for education purposes.

If you would like to use the data for larger scale purposes, you can find it in JSON format in the questions section of the project repo.

Question Data Schema

  • id: Integer. Unique identifier for the question.
  • question: String. Formatted in Markdown.
  • codeSnippet: String. Multiline JavaScript.
    • Note: Not all questions include a code snippet, so if you are using the API to dynamically render questions, you should include checks to see if the codeSnippet is included.
  • answerOptions: Object. The keys are a question label, usually A-D, and the value is the answer text.
  • correctAnswer: String. Single letter corresponing to the the correct key of the answer options.
  • answerExplanation: String. Formatted in Markdown.

Example Data

"id": 38,
"question": "What's the output?",
"codeSnippet": "(() => {\n let x, y;\n try {\n throw new Error();\n } catch (x) {\n (x = 1), (y = 2);\n console.log(x);\n }\n console.log(x);\n console.log(y);\n})();",
"answerOptions": {
"A": "`1` `undefined` `2`",
"B": "`undefined` `undefined` `undefined`",
"C": "`1` `1` `2`",
"D": "`1` `undefined` `undefined`"
"correctAnswer": "A",
"answerExplanation": "The `catch` block receives the argument `x`. This is not the same `x` as the variable when we pass arguments. This variable `x` is block-scoped.\n\nLater, we set this block-scoped variable equal to `1`, and set the value of the variable `y`. Now, we log the block-scoped variable `x`, which is equal to `1`.\n\nOutside of the `catch` block, `x` is still `undefined`, and `y` is `2`. When we want to `console.log(x)` outside of the `catch` block, it returns `undefined`, and `y` returns `2`."
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